Should a domain name start with www or no-www

When you start a new blog or a website, after you have selected a domain name, you have the option to use www with a domain name or use the domain name without www. It was an enormous achievement for a 9th-grade student 15 years ago to know that ‘www’ stands for “world wide web”. Now it … Read more

How to Create Index Sheet Hyper-linked to Other Sheets in Excel

The problem is creating a detailed statistical analysis report with multiple sheets in a single Excel file. The target audience is middle-level management that doesn’t require summaries but detailed analyses. And the report should be self-explanatory and easy to switch through the required sheets. First of all, name all the sheets so that they speak for … Read more

Keyboard shortcut for AutoSum option in Excel

Working with Excel in an office environment extensively needs you to work with a keyboard. You need to be quick to be productive. Time and motion study proves that making use of keyboard shortcuts reduces the time required to accomplish a task. You must learn the shortcuts for the tasks you use more frequently. The probability … Read more